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Double Your Donation!


GIVE US$1.00 - or more - to help bring a FREE donated water filter(s) to one of 2 billion persons in need drinking polluted water! EVERY PAID donation will be MATCHED/DOUBLED by The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC).  When one is paid for, a SECOND IS DONATED BY ABCA4ll FREE! 
DCAT's Online!
ABC4All Living Logo courtesy Harry Evry
When $100 in donations is accumulated, it will be deposited into an ESCROW ACCOUNT (fully documented and open for inspection by Solid Growth Accounting Services, Redondo Beach, California USA) to be used 100% (no administrative fees deducted) to MAXIMIZE all such contributions. ABC4All will do this for ANYONE in the world drinking polluted water until the number goes from 1.1 billion to ZERO as we engage in FUNdraising2ZEROout!