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Donations Doubled Forever

Five C's:

Choirs, Choruses, Chants, Capellas, Children

 A Global Proposal

A Better Community For All (ABC4All)





ABC4All is bringing Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) to the world for anyone receptive in the form of advanced technologies for water, food and shelter, via ABC4All WorldSolutions


Recently an ABC4All Message was recorded among 44 poignant messages by the JOYFUL NOISE Choir in Los Angeles, California: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWYntqLZ1c4 The recordings took place about a week prior to the opening of the film, "JOYFUL NOISE" starring Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah on January 13, 2012.


"It's simple as A - B - C! A Better Community for all the world to see!"




Choir Appreciation Day took place on January 8, 2012:


The interest in choirs carries with it great potential to offer a path to create a means for implementation of the Legacy of ABC4All to match/double all donations/orders for life-saving technology that will bring the number of people drinking polluted water in the world down to ZERO.




This plan offers support for choirs of every type and orientation in the world while at the same time bringing relief to anyone drinking polluted water. The following plan is offered with potential to add/support to its development as various parties and supporters become involved.


The Ubuntu Choirs Network states:


"We are a growing community of choirs who believes that the joy of singing is a universal birthright, and that together, regardless of musical background, we can help improve the world by joining voices in song." http://www.ubuntuchoirs.net/index.php


Minnesota's Art of Peace Choir offers a perspective:


"Anyone with a desire to sing is welcome to join this non-audition community choir. No previous singing or music reading experience required. Our repertoire includes songs from around the world, songs of justice and peace, songs of hope and longing, and songs that are simply fun and full of celebration. At the heart of what we are about is coming together to sing in harmony as a means of both personal, local and, yes, even global transformation. Singing opens the heart and re-enchants the spirit. Harmony brings harmony!" http://www.sarathomsen.com/choir.html


ABC4All Partner Jazz For Peace Founder, Rick DellaRatta, offers a Jazz for Peace poem:


"I hear jazz for peace coming through the trees,

And in my heart it fills me like a celebration.

I see the light and I want to follow,

Inspired by the past contributions of

Those that came before and laid the groundwork

For us to build on in this universal language

That is a gift for all mankind.

And when we speak it,

People are enlightened by the creativity and artistry

That stands for peace and love and humanity

And intelligence that leads to reaching potential

That we have in our soul.

So we can raise our total conscience and

See that the gift of giving is our greatest privilege."




In order to facilitate bringing relief to 1.1 billion people presently drinking polluted water, it is necessary to enlist support from every corner of the world. To be created are Teams of TEAMS (choirs) who will bring about the necessary coordination in cooperation with ABC4All to bring the advanced technologies to those who need it the most. Given that choirs exists everywhere in the world and are of so many different types - choirs with men, women, both, adults, children or both, accompanied, unaccompanied, religious, secular, etc., the universal language of choruses/music/singing/ can go a long way in offering uplifting and hopeful experiences for anyone participating and for audiences who listen. What better group of people to form the Teams of TEAMS than those already volunteering as part of their local choir?




One example is offered how a children's choir can be supported in Uganda, Africa:


Mawejje Joseph of Kampala, Uganda offers web pages, videos, audio recordings of a children's choir performing along with displaying crafts created by the children. The original song, "Where is the parent's responsibilty?" is an example of original music/song performed by the Mukono Children's Home Choir:


"This Children’s Choir through it’s popularity it has attracted many and it has made the children’s behaviors to change due to educative songs and spreading the gospel in some parts of Uganda mostly in Mukono District. These children also have other activities they do in several departments which helps these children to gain more in their future and also to promote their talents."


Obuyinza Bw'omuzadde ( Where is the parent's responsibility?) Posted by Mawejje Joseph on August 10, 2011 at 2:25 PM. This Song is in Luganda Version. It was composed by Mawejje Joseph and this song is in form of a question. If you want to know more about it, Just listen and then comment and support us so that we can change it in English version.




All of the above examples demonstrate how choirs/musical groups can be supported anywhere in the world while they can bring a message of peace and hope along with choir members working with ABC4All to ensure that no polluted water will be consumed any longer in their respective locations. The JOYFUL NOISE Choir and the movie, "JOYFUL NOISE" offer great symbols and have stimulated the present proposal as a clear potential for the world to become better for all who participate.




What is so outstanding is the innovative and dynamic manner in which the JOYFUL NOISE Choir has created poignant messages anyone can share with others - as one means of sharing the info about the movie. ABC4All's message is particularly of import given the fact that we have begun sharing the LIFE SAVING info that will bring consumers of polluted down to ZERO!


Then there is the consideration that Choir Appreciation (billions of hours of volunteer time) could be honored more than on one Sunday! Charlie Nelson of Grace Hill Media, the company involved with Choir Appreciation Sunday is reviewing this information.


ABC4All is partnered with Jazz For Peace who in their 10th Anniversary Celebration Year are offering millions of dollars in grants for worthwhile causes worldwide after 9 years supporting more than 800 such causes. The Premiere ABC4All / Jazz For Peace FUNdraising Concert took place in 4/11 in Los Angeles with a Gala Concert anticipated both in Los Angeles and New York City on 12/12/12. Clearly Jazz For Peace Foundation cannot support every choir in the world, but conceivably jazz groups everywhere could take the model offered in this proposal and lend their support as well.




All in all, the outstanding elements outlined above point to a clear path for combining resources to help create the World of A Better Community For All in which donations for LIFE-SAVING nanotechnology can be matched/doubled as orders come in with ability to help bring the number of people drinking polluted water in the world from 1.1 billion to ZERO. This will take place as we engender support for, cooperation by chorus members with the focus being on any one singing group in a local community. One chorus at a time, one community at a time, one billion people drinking polluted water with one at a time being provided with potable water.






Burton Danet, Ph.D., Rejuvenated Facilitator, Clinical Psychologist (retired), Co-Founder,

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