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Good News Only

UPDATES 02/2012



When Bob Chew and Burt Danet were introduced, Burt had formed Partnerships for a Better Community (PBC).  Upon hearing this, Bob stated, "You want to be near the top of the alphabet."  He suggested, "A Better Community For All (ABC4All)" and thus ABC4All was born.  Now when you do a search for "ABC4All," the following is the result:   30 personal results and 565,000 other results (0.53 seconds)  

1.  5 C's Proposal for all choruses in the world to become the "Team of TEAMS." 


Currently Jubilee Choir in Kenya is being approached by Raphael Wanjaria Njararuhi

Currently San Francisco's Boy's Choir is reviewing the info courtesy Multi-Talented Jimmy Kansau

Currently #hits for JOYFUL NOISE Choir | ABC: 652 placing it #3 of 44 messages, and we want to go to #1 to show that this Movie, Joyful Noise, can stimulate Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) in the form of eliminating polluted water in the world.  Thus we keep requesting that everyone share with others as the hits continue to climb...

2.  Phoenix Voyage Document:  Audio Transcript

UPDATE:  ABC4All Universal Message for a Better World 

Documentary on YouTube: Watch in Full Screen and 720 High Definition


CNN iReport:  Phoenix Voyage Releases Video Documentary: ABC4All Universal Message for a Better World

3.  Two Pronged Approach

UPDATE:  Participating with Jazz Friends Group on LinkedIn, some members of which have joined F2Zo Group.

UPDATE:  New Group on LinkedIn:  FUNdraising to ZERO out  In 2 weeks 58 members have joined with the Budding Potential Stage of group development quickly moving into the Discovering Synergies Stage.

4.  Potential for Cultural Unity

UPDATE: This document speaks for itself.


Burton Danet


Watch this Video in full screen with High Definition 720 selected: ABC4All Ascends! Phoenix Voyage Rises! (HD 720)

VIDEO Preview: FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR)

Ready to make a difference in the world?  Join the LinkedIn Group:  FUNdraising to ZERO out

Can Choirs all over the world help bring potable water to those most in need?  View the JOYFUL NOISE | ABC video spot about ABC4All and share with others! There are 3 other messages with more hits than ABC out of 44 total!

Can 61 seconds change the world?  Try playing "Miracle" for 20 seconds, then start "ABC" and let them finish together!


VIDEO:  Joyful Noise | ABC: "It's Simple just like ABC - A Better Community For All the world to see!"

New Era for the New Year!:


Path2RELIEF | VIDEO: A New WWW! Well Water4World

"Nowhere else can I so emphatically declare on this planet that consuming any water treated and enhanced by the technology of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) www.kindrop.abc4all.net

will make such a remarkable difference for those who are receptive, those who will consume, enjoy and believe in this technology as a water of choice, a water that can lead to perpetual peace, joy, and life enhancements." --

Robert Chew, Co-Founder, ABC4All from the Foreword, "Poised for Global Relief:  You Can Cooperate and MAXIMIZE Giving"